Sunday, September 18, 2011

#SampleSunday Chapter 16 - Patriarch

Only a tease, the first 300 or so words.

Another memory. Steopa rolled over on the bed as it formed in his mind. He never dreamed. Only memories would fill the daytime.

“What should I do with you?” Pavel, Steopa's father said. He sat down at the table opposite of Steopa. He poured two glasses of vodka. “I should take you outside and beat your butt.”

“Sorry, Father,” Steopa said.

“Sorry. You are lucky Jurgis did not castrate you.”

Steopa slumped down in the chair. This memory, he thought. Why this one?

“Father, we had too much to drink at the dance and we-”

“Jurgis and I have been hoping that you and Anna would like each other, but we did not expect to find both of you at the hunting cabin this morning. And not what you were doing, either.”

“Father, I-”

Pavel pushed the glass over to him. “Drink.”

Steopa curled his fingers around the glass. Pavel downed his shot.

“We have plans for you. You have to go to university. You have to come back here and take over for me. Do you want to ruin it by getting Anna pregnant?” Pavel pointed to the glass. “Drink.”

Steopa sipped the vodka. He coughed. Pavel chuckled. “We are in a precarious position here. My father came here to help build the church and stayed. To the villagers, we have always been the outsiders. And now that Lithuania is no longer and we are Russians, there are people here who view us with distrust. If the others find out what you and Anna were doing in the cabin, the rumors will be devastating.”

“That was not my intention.”

“It does not matter what your intention was, that is not what the villagers are going to think. Especially if that new priest hears about this. I forbid you to tell him about you and Anna in confession.”

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