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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 10 Part 1

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Winter came to stay, a few days later, announcing it's presence with a storm. The wind came first. The type of wind that buildings shook. The sleet and ice came next, covering the roads with a thin enough layer of ice to make walking more like skating.

Amanda and Teodor were safely inside The Pit. Trucker had also sought shelter there. Bilge kept the place open, but did not expect anyone to come. Instead, he sat at one of the tables watching the TV above the bar. Amanda cooked a frozen pizza in the small pizza oven. Teodor was teaching Trucker how to play cribbage.

“Okay, you have to count your points,” Teodor said, pointing at Trucker's cards.

“Hey Trucker,” Bilge said from his table. “Don't let him skunk you.”

“Skunk?” Trucker asked.

“Don't worry about it,” Teodor said.

Amanda brought over the hot pizza, she placed it on the table with a few paper plates. She sat down next to Trucker. “Eat.”

He grabbed a piece of pizza. “You guys not eating?” he asked, stuffing his mouth full.

Amanda shook her head. Teodor moved his peg on the board. The picture on TV above the bar, began to fade out, then went snowy. Bilge got up and moved the antenna around, before giving up.

“Damn weather,” he said. “You got a place to stay tonight, Trucker?”

Trucker shook his head.

Teodor glanced out the window. The bar's windows were high up and very small, but even these were getting covered with snow. “We are almost ready to move into our apartment. We may have to stay there tonight, you could join us.”

Trucker stuffed another piece of pizza in his mouth. “Sure.”

The station on the TV started to come back in. Bilge grabbed an orange juice from the bar and went back to his table. “That would be a good idea,” he said sitting down.

The door flew opened, pushed open by the wind. On the other side stood Gunner. He was not dressed for the weather, just a T-shirt and his pants on. He looked around the room wildly.

“Help me!” His cry, almost drowned out by the wind.

Trucker sat frozen, pizza slice halfway to his mouth. Bilge jumped over the bar and slammed the door shut behind Gunner. “Kid, you okay?”

Amanda ran to his side. She felt Gunner's face. “Bilge get me some thick blankets, now.” She used her nurse voice. The command surprised Bilge. He jumped and ran to the back of the bar.

Teodor grabbed his jacket off the chair and wrapped it around Gunner's shoulders. Amanda checked Gunner's fingers.

“Gun... Can you touch your nose?”

Gunner looked at her oddly. But when he tried, his finger missed his nose and hit his cheek.

Amanda glanced up at Teodor. “His lips and fingers are blue, he's got hypothermia.”

Trucker walked over to Teodor. “What's that?” he asked pointing to Gunner's side.

Teodor looked down. Gunner's shirt, on his left side, had been stained with blood. Amanda lifted the shirt up. There were four long cuts on his side. Just the size that the Hag would have left.

“Trucker, get me some towels from behind the bar," Amanda said.

Trucker ran. Teodor went to one of the windows. He craned his head to look out. The snow blew so hard Teodor could not make out the cars parked next to the bar, let alone the other side of the street.

“I hope these are enough,” Bilge said behind Teodor.

Teodor pressed his face against the window pane. A small crack along the edge of the glass let a small breeze come through. He sniffed the air, all he could smell was the snow. He glanced back at Amanda, she used the towels to stop the bleeding. He turned his head back to the window. The Hag's face was in the window. She laughed.

“What the hell is that?” Bilge shouted.

Trucker screamed.

The Hag smiled, her black teeth glisten in the neon light coming from the window. Teodor growled. He slammed his hand against wall next to the window. He could feel himself change and he didn't want to stop. Teodor felt his teeth and face lengthen. His claw dug deep furrows as he clawed at the wall.

“Teodor!” Amanda yelled.

Teodor spun around. Trucker hid behind Amanda. Bilge's face was white. Teodor did not have time to worry about their reactions. He spun back around and snarled at the Hag.

She grinned at him, with her sharp, black teeth. The Hag raised her hand and clawed at the window. The high screeching noise her black fingernails made across the glass, made Teodor howl. He heard Amanda scream behind him, but he didn't turn around to see why.

“Open the door,” Bilge yelled.

Teodor tilted his head. He caught a glimpse of the shot gun in Bilge's hand.

“Don't shoot him!” Trucker yelled.

“Not him.” Bilge yelled. “Her.”

Teodor yanked the door open. The Hag screamed and billowed in on the wind. Teodor rolled to the side. The explosion of the both shotgun shells rang in his ears. The Hag looked down at her torso in surprise. She screamed something in a guttural sounding language. To Teodor's surprise Bilge answered her, in Scottish. Teodor heard the click of the shotgun and another round fired into the Hag.

The Hag screamed. Teodor growled at her. He noticed a strange belt around her waist. It looked like a collection of tanned leather hides. Then he realized it was skins, the skins of the children she had killed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interview with Sasha.

I do not have any information on this picture. But it could  be a picture of Sasha.

Welcome can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Sasha. I am a vampire.

You look young. How old were you when you died?

How did it happen?
It is not a nice story. I got my first job on a whaling vessel. We left port. A day later one of the other sailors attacked me. I was stabbed. they buried me at sea.

 I don't understand. How did that make you a vampire?
The attack didn't, except to kill me. You see, I had seen my mother die when she was thrown from a horse. That night, she sat up. So when I died, I opened my eyes underwater and knew what happened.

You were a vampire?
Yes, I had to get the tarp off. It wasn't until I hit the surface I realized I had become a vampire in water. It has given me certain advantages.

Like what?
The folklore that we cannot cross running water? I live in the water. I like to hang around busy harbors. It is easy to find victims, drunks are my favorite.

You are Steopa's grandson, correct?
One of them.

Why are you in the novel?
I felt my grandfather became injured. I had to see what happened.

Do other vampires know about you?
No, I try to keep myself a secret. Outside of my family, very few vampires view me with trust.

There must not be a lot of food in the water?
That is why I stay around the coasts and in the rivers. When I do have to come out of the water. I like the larger cities. I have no trouble finding food then. Women like me, that helps.

What do you think of the events of the book?
It was nice to see Grandfather again. I like Rebecka too. But those hunters, and those legions. I hated them.

Anything else you want people to know?
I have heard about the deaths in La Crosse, WI along the river. That was not me. I have not traveled the Mississippi.

A theme song for Sasha.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 9 Part 2

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Trucker's eyes went wide, then he bolted. Teodor rant after him. “Hey!” He grabbed Trucker by his shoulder.

Trucker tried to shake his way out of Teodor's grip. Teodor would not let go.

“Trucker. Stop running.”

Trucker did stop, he pulled at Teodor's hand. “I knew it was you two. I saw you.”

“What did you see?” Teodor asked.

“You two are werewolves,” Trucker said.

Teodor let Trucker go. The boy did not sound frightened. “How do you know?”

“I saw you guys change. In the woods, the day after you chased me for the records. I was there.”

“You saw us?” Teodor asked. Amanda and him had done more that night than change into their human forms.

“Yeah, I stay there when it's not too cold. And you two come in followed by those dogs...” his voice trailed off.

Amanda walked up to Teodor. She looked at Trucker. “Aren't you frightened?”

Trucker shook his head. “No.”

“That's very brave of you.”

Trucker scoffed. “I've seen The Woman, two werewolves aren't as scary as she is”

“So why'd you run now?” Teodor asked.

“I didn't know what you would do."

“Fair enough."

Amanda lowered herself to Trucker's eye level. “Can you keep a secret?”

Trucker tilted his head. “Depends."

Amanda glanced back at Teodor. “Are you going to tell the other kids about us?”

Trucker shook his head. “They won't believe me.”

“Good, because we don't want the kids any more frightened than they are."

“You seem like you are nice werewolves.”

Teodor nodded. If it had been Teodor's family that Trucker had seen, Trucker would be a meal now. “Nicer than most."

Trucker glanced in the direction of the old work house. “I gotta get back.” He turned to run, but stopped and came back. “Do you guys get fleas?”

Amanda giggled. Teodor nodded. “Yeah, we can get fleas.”

Trucker laughed then turned around and ran off. Amanda glanced at Teodor. She smiled. “There is a great kid under all the tough guy act."

“You're falling in love with him aren't you?” Teodor asked.

“Well, he is a good kid. What type of parents would let a kid like him run away?”

Teodor took her hand. “There are some people in the world that should not be parents. Take mine for example.”

She thought for a moment, biting her bottom lip. “But you never ran away.”

“Oh, I would have,” he said. “But Father also paid the werewolf hunters well. I would have been on the next list, if I would have left.”

“He would have killed you?”

“Hell, he tried himself three times.”

She looked shocked. Teodor tried to giver her a small reassuring smile. “Some of us are lucky enough to have parents that love and care for us. Some of us have to deal with real horrible people. Unfortunately, that means kids like Trucker feel safer on the streets.”

Amanda shook her head. “If I find out they hurt him-”

“No, hurting them won't do anything. Best thing for Trucker now is for us to help him.”

“Which means we have to find The Woman.”

Teodor nodded. “Yeah, we have to figure out how to kill a hag.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 9 Part 1

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Even before the chldren came to the door. Teodor could sense something was wrong. He pawed at the door. A moment later the door opened. One of the older girls petted Amanda's head as they passed.

Teodor smelled fear. It wasn't the same fear that he had smelt the night the old woman had attacked. He shook his head. Old woman was not a good description, hag fit her better.

As Amanda and him entered the old cafeteria, he noticed that the younger children had made their beds in the middle of the room. The older children were off to one side, huddled in a circle. Teodor padded over to Gunner. He laid down beside him. It gave him a great view of the conversation.

“Are you sure none of you saw Jazz today?” Gunner asked.

A girl in a pink shirt and snarled ponytails bit her nails. “I did.”

“Where?” Gunner asked.

“Over by the river,” she said. “Talking to those other kids.”

“The River Rats?"

The girl nodded. “I asked him later why'd he go over there. He said they had some jobs for him.”

Teodor watched Gunner's face. His face went still as he clenched his jaw. “We have nothing to do with those kids. If Jazz comes back, he will have to apologize.”

“What if they do have jobs for us?” The girl asked.

Tache took in a sharp breath. “They work for some nasty people.”

Gunner stared at the girl. “The last girl that went over to them for a job, ended up in a movie. Not a movie you would want to show your friends.”

A black haired girl nodded. “She killed herself afterwards.”

The blond girl suddenly found her feet interesting. Gunner reached over and scratched behind Teodor's ears.

“Anyone seen the Woman?” he whispered.

All of the children in the circle shook their heads. Gunner looked at Teodor. “I think the dogs help,” he said. “But if they are really wolves. We can't tame them.”

The black haired girl spoke. “I heard that she took a boy in Konakove, two nights ago. Reached right in to where he was staying and pulled him out.”

“For real?” Tashe asked.

She nodded. “They only found some blood.”

Gunner stopped scratching Teodor's head and reached behind him to pull out the baseball bat. “We need to find more weapons. In case she comes back.”

“I told you I could get a gun,” A red headed boy said.

“No guns,” Gunner said. “The River Rat's use those and we are better then them.”

“Besides,” Tashe said. “The only one of us that got away from her was Trucker. And he knocked a table into her.”

Gunner whistled. “Trucker, come here!”

Trucker had been playing with Amanda. He stood up and walked over to the circle. Gunner patted the floor beside him. Trucker sat down, giving Teodor a strange look as he did so.

“What happened that night the Woman chased you?” Gunner asked.

“She ripped my jacket,” Trucker said. “I ran through an outdoor cafe. Knocked over a table as I ran. She screamed and stopped chasing me.”

“What was on the table?” Gunner asked.

Trucker shrugged. “I'm not sure, Ketchup bottle, mustard, salt and pepper shakers.”

“Maybe she doesn't like mustard,” the red headed boy said.

“Wooden bats do shit,” Gunner said. He tapped his metal bat in his other hand a few times. “Joe had a wooden bat.”

Trucker shrugged. “The table was metal.”

Gunner thought for a long time. He stood up. “Alright, tomorrow we find as many weapons we can get our hands on that are metal.”

“A gun's metal,” The red head said.

“Shut up.”

Teodor padded over to Amanda. She let some of the younger girls brush her hair. Teodor nudged her flank. Amanda rolled on to her feet. She stood up and shook out her fur. The girls moaned.

Trucker ran over to them with the can of dog food. Teodor tried not to gag. Amanda ate it without an issue. Teodor sniffed the food. When I left my family and had to pretend to be a dog those years, I got so sick of this, he thought.

Teodor lifted his head. Trucker sat on the floor watching them. He gave Teodor a smile. Teodor padded over to him and laid on the floor. Trucker petted Teodor.

Amanda lifted her head, licking her lips. Teodor whined and they went outside. They stayed in their wolf forms until they made it back to where they kept their clothing. A light snow fell. Amanda changed quickly, she shivered as she dressed.

Teodor took his time. He heard sounds in the woods that were not normal. Amanda sat on a log and watched him slowly dress.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Just some noises.” Teodor whispered.

Amanda nodded. “I heard them too.” Her eyes went wide. “Do you think it that woman?”

Teodor shook his head. “No, you can feel that hag in your bones, and I don't.”

He put his shirt back on. Now Teodor recognized the sounds. Someone was trying to stand still, but couldn't. Teodor sniffed the air. All he could smell were the children.

Teodor finished dressing. He stood up and glanced back at the old building. He saw a shadow move. It was the size of one of the children. Teodor moved his head, to try to get a better look. He saw Trucker.

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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 8

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Teodor found Steopa working in one of the old loading docks.

“We saw that thing,” he said.

Steopa threwt down the section of conveyor belt. “Where?”

“Not far from here.”

Steopa started to walk toward the door. Teodor stopped him. “I think it was Baba Yaga.”


“It was an old woman, she skinned the boy alive.”

Amanda joined them. She nodded.

“You saw it, too?” Steopa asked.

Amanda nodded, again.

“That noise. At the work farm had to have been her fingers,” Teodor said.

“It cannot be Baba Yaga.” Steopa said.

“Then who was she?” Teodor asked.

“Not Baba Yaga.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because she is a myth.”

“So are vampires,” Teodor said.

Steopa stared at Teodor.

Teodor sighed. “Fine, it was Muma Padurii, her name is not important.”

“But it was a woman?” Steopa asked.

Amanda nodded. “An old woman, she walked by us before we ran into Jazz.”

“Then she changed,” Teodor said. “Her eyes were white. Her teeth were black.”

Steopa looked off into the distance for a moment, then shook his head. “Where did she go?”

“She just disappeared, there was no smell. I couldn't even follow Jazz's blood.”

Steopa raised an eyebrow. “That is interesting.”

“Oh, this is enough.” Amanda said. “I have to see if the rest of those children.”


“I have to see if they are alright.

“I want to know what that woman is."

“It's obvious you guys don't know, I'm going to the work farm.”

She spun on her heels and walked away.

Teodor turned to stop her, then turned back to Steopa. “I...,” he said.

“Go,” Steopa said. “She is being foolish.”

“She's not foolish.”

“If you find that chicken leg cabin, you tell me.”

Teodor ignored Steopa. He caught up with Amanda. Her face was red, her lips were pressed together and now were white. She growled.

“Amanda,” He said as he came closer.

“You decided to come.”

“Of course.”

“He thought we were being stupid.”

“No,” Teodor said, taking her arm. “Because I jumped to conclusions and said it was Baba Yaga.”

“Who is that?” Amanda asked.

“She is a witch. She travels through the countryside, looking for children to eat.”

“Like a bogyman?” Amanda asked.

“She was more powerful. She could fly through the air, using her mortar and pestle. And her house moved too, it was on chicken legs.”

Amanda giggled. “That sounds silly.”

Teodor shook his head. “When she did find a place that her house would stay. The path to it was lined with the spines and the skulls of people she had killed. There were a few that approached her and got help. But more than likely she would kill you.”

“Could she be real?"

“I hope not.”

Amanda stopped walking after a few moments. “When I was younger, my family moved to Texas. One of my friends was this Hispanic girl. She told me about this woman that would drowned children. You could see her walking along the roads, looking for children. I think she was called La Llorona.”

“Did she eat them?”

“We are not sure she ate Jazz,” she said. “That woman would drown the children, because she thought they could stay with her. She lived in water.” She waved her hands in the air. “All we saw, was her taking Jazz's skin. What if she is killing the kids for their skins?”

“That is still horrible."

“I know, but maybe there is another mythical woman that collected skins.” Her shoulders sank. “Like it's going to help.”

Teodor pulled her close. “It might. The people that were able to walk away from Baba Yaga had to be prepared.”

Amanda nodded. “Let's see how the kids are doing.”

Teodor agreed. They left the old base and hurried to the old work farm.