Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interview with Sasha.

I do not have any information on this picture. But it could  be a picture of Sasha.

Welcome can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Sasha. I am a vampire.

You look young. How old were you when you died?

How did it happen?
It is not a nice story. I got my first job on a whaling vessel. We left port. A day later one of the other sailors attacked me. I was stabbed. they buried me at sea.

 I don't understand. How did that make you a vampire?
The attack didn't, except to kill me. You see, I had seen my mother die when she was thrown from a horse. That night, she sat up. So when I died, I opened my eyes underwater and knew what happened.

You were a vampire?
Yes, I had to get the tarp off. It wasn't until I hit the surface I realized I had become a vampire in water. It has given me certain advantages.

Like what?
The folklore that we cannot cross running water? I live in the water. I like to hang around busy harbors. It is easy to find victims, drunks are my favorite.

You are Steopa's grandson, correct?
One of them.

Why are you in the novel?
I felt my grandfather became injured. I had to see what happened.

Do other vampires know about you?
No, I try to keep myself a secret. Outside of my family, very few vampires view me with trust.

There must not be a lot of food in the water?
That is why I stay around the coasts and in the rivers. When I do have to come out of the water. I like the larger cities. I have no trouble finding food then. Women like me, that helps.

What do you think of the events of the book?
It was nice to see Grandfather again. I like Rebecka too. But those hunters, and those legions. I hated them.

Anything else you want people to know?
I have heard about the deaths in La Crosse, WI along the river. That was not me. I have not traveled the Mississippi.

A theme song for Sasha.

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