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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 3

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

He walked across the street, not waiting for the traffic. Teodor kept his eyes on the youth. A car honked at Teodor as he weaved his way in and out the vehicles. The youth had not moved. Teodor jumped over a snow bank and on to the same sidewalk as the youth.

The youth turned and walked down the street. Teodor stayed behind him, just far enough to see where he was heading. The young man picked up his pace. Teodor caught the young man's scent. He slowed down. He could smell the young man now, he didn't need to stay within eyesight.

The traffic on the street was heavy, but the sidewalks did not have as much traffic. Not every sidewalk had been cleared off. The ones that had were easy enough to walk over, but then Teodor would hit a section covered in snow. The foot traffic had compressed most of the snow by now. Making the walk slick.

Teodor could smell that the young man had changed direction again. He had turned into an empty lot. The snow in the lot had been compressed so much by other walkers, that it would be hard to find the young man's foot prints. Yet, his scent was fresh enough so Teodor could sort it away from the others.

The young man's path lead him between two buildings too small to be an alley, it was full of bikes, garbage cans, and new shovels. Teodor slowed down. The young man's scent became stronger here, but Teodor could not see him.

Teodor entered the walkway. Someone struck from the side. Teodor hit the wall and bounced off. He shouldered the young man into the other wall. The young man threw a wild punch. The fist hit Teodor in the throat. He lost his breath. The young man forced Teodor's head down on his raised knee. Teodor grabbed the young man's lower leg and lifted. The young man and him fell backwards onto the walkway.

A pain hit Teodor's lower back. It burned and stung like only one thing would. Silver. The burning took over his entire lower back. Teodor couldn't move. He tried to roll over, but he could not get his body to respond. The young man scrambled away, kicking Teodor in the face as he got away. Teodor forced his arm behind his back. Every movement sent a shot of pain through his whole body. He couldn't feel were the silver had entered him. He pulled his hand out and saw the blood. He wouldn't heal, not with silver in the wound.

Using his hand, Teodor pushed himself over on his side. Breathing in the cold moist air. He tried to change, to force the silver out of his body. Nothing worked.

Numbness traveled up his spine. Teodor reached out with his hand and found a handhold on the ground. He pulled himself towards the entrance of the walkway. Where's Amanda? He thought.

Teodor reached out again and pulled himself a little further along the walkway. Then a familiar smell came closer. Teodor lifted his head. Brutus ambled down the alley, sniffing at the ground.

The newspaper seller's dog lifted his head and whined when he saw Teodor. Teodor whined back. Brutus padded over and kissed Teodor's face.

“Hey Brutus,” Teodor said, “Can you get me some help?”

Brutus barked.


Brutus licked Teodor's face, and ran off. Teodor heard the barking and howling start up. Even if the other dogs could not do anything to help, the message would get to Amanda.

Teodor laid on his side. He breathed deeply. The pain radiated from the wound to his chest. Teodor coughed. He could feel the silver moving through his body.

Who the hell was that? He thought.

Snow fell again. Teodor looked up. The skies were blue. The snow was being blown off the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Teodor shook, from the silver. The cold did not bother him as much as the searing pain. A few people walked past the entrance of the walkway, but no one glanced into the empty space. Teodor felt the burning pain start to travel up his spine. He tried to move his arm, but it laid along his side.


Amanda ran to his side. She covered his wound, then pulled her hand away quickly.

“It's silver,” Teodor said.

Amanda dug a glove out of her jacket and put it on. She tugged at his wound. She swore under her breath. Teodor felt the pressure disappear. Amanda threw the bloody knife blade into the snow. The pain traveled though Teodor's body. Amanda pulled her glove off, then pressed it against his back.

“Can you move?” Amanda asked.

“No,” Teodor said. His neck felt like it was on fire.

Brutus waddled back into the walkway. He laid down next to Teodor and whined.

“I need to get help,” Amanda said.

Brutus whined and growled.

“Alright, you stay with him,” Amanda said to Brutus.

Amanda ran out of the walkway. Brutus licked Teodor's forehead.

“Can you still smell the guy that did this?” Teodor asked.

Brutus barked.

“I have to find him,”

Brutus howled. The other dogs in the neighborhood picked up the howl. Teodor listened to their conversation. The young man had been seen, walking to the south. The pain pressed against his head. Teodor's eyes felt dry. He tried blinking them, he could not move his eyelids.

The snow swirled around Teodor again. He saw nothing, but white.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 2

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

“But she's just a game,” Amanda said.

“What are you talking about?” Teodor asked.

“When you are kids you scare each other with stories of Bloody Mary. You stand in front of a mirror and say her name three times. She supposed to appear in the mirror.”

“She is also a Hag,” Albrecht said, “If you were to say her name in the right location she will appear.”

“So she would reach through the mirror and kill you?” Amanda asked.

“If you were at the right place,” Albrecht said.

“How do you know this?” Teodor asked.

Albrecht crossed his arms. “Because I am a Mage,” He said, waving his fingers, “But anyone that was curious could figure this out.”

Teodor sighed. “A real Mage?”

“I see,” Albrecht said, “Have you met a real Mage before?”

Teodor nodded, “One was with the villagers that went after my pack. But there are people that claim they know magic-” He stopped talking. He knew one more mage, but Albrecht did not need to know.

Albrecht held his hand out, palm up. His hand filled with fire. He shook his hand and the fire turned to snow that fell to the floor. Teodor sat down at the chair. The danger came from Albrecht. Amanda stared at the melting snow on the floor.

“What just happened?” Amanda asked.

Teodor leaned forward, “Mages harness power. A good Mage can call up any power they want at any time.”

Albrecht nodded.

Amanda glanced at Teodor and then Albrecht. She shook her head, then ran her fingers through her hair. “So what you are saying is that this Hag is around here?”

“A little more than that,” Albrecht said, “At one time she lived around here.”

“Steopa asked her, her name,” Teodor said, “But she would not say what it was.”

“That is important, if she doesn't want us to know her name, that is a big clue to who she is.”

“And we could figure out how to destroy her?” Teodor asked.

Albrecht nodded, “What else did she say?”

“She said Baba Yaga was her sister,” Amanda said.

Albrecht looked at his feet for a moment. “In a way, In a way, but Baba Yaga has moved beyond being just a Hag.”

“It has been suggested that she wants an audience,” Teodor said.

Albrecht looked up, staring at Teodor underneath his eyebrows, “That is a very astute assessment. Because her power comes from belief.”

Teodor glanced at Amanda, she shrugged.

Albrecht went behind his desk. “When you did Blood Mary, did you really believe that she would appear?”

Amanda tilted her head, “Once or twice. My friend swore one time she saw Bloody Mary. I saw something in the mirror, but it could have been just a reflection.”

“It was her,” Albrecht said. “But either you did not have enough belief, or the pull to bring her to you was not strong enough.”

“So if no one believes in her, she will go away?” Teodor asked.

“It is not that simple.” Albrecht opened a thick leather volume. “A Hag only exists if people believe in her, but she is aware enough to make sure people remember her.”

“So stories of Bloody Mary, Black Annis, and La Llorona, help keep those Hags around,” Amanda said.

Albrecht nodded. “But usually that is enough, the stories, the little parlor games, but this Hag is manifesting. She is desperate to be remembered.” He flipped through the book, “Or she was awakened?”

“What?” Teodor asked.

“Sometimes things like Hags sleep,” Albrecht said, “If they are forgotten, they fade away. But she is fighting it. She might have been awakened.”

“So she's pissed,” Amanda said.

Albrecht nodded. He smoothed out the page in the book. “Here. A localized revenger spirit will haunt an area where the locals still remember them. They will only be active as long as the belief is still strong. Some rely on objects to focus their powers.”

He closed the book, “She might have some object or place she is really attracted too.”

“She has been terrorizing the kids at the old workhouse,” Amanda said.

“That is a good place to start. It had been owned by Thorson's years ago,” Albrecht said.

“Thorson?” Teodor asked.

“He was one of the founding fathers of this town,” Amanda said. “He owned half of it at one time.”

“And the workhouse?”

“It was his public good work project,” Albrecht said, “Basically he would put take homeless and destitute and give them a place to live. Force the fear of God into them. And work them like slaves.”

“The kids were homeless,” Teodor said. “Could this be related to Thorson?”

Albrecht shrugged, “Possibly, There are a lot of tales about Thorson. The gentle public image and the nastier side too. The tales would be a good place to start.”

“I wouldn't mind going to the library,” Amanda said.

“Historical society would be a better source,” Albrecht said. He put down the book. “Has anything worked against the Hag?”

“Rock salt,” Teodor said.

“That works against any spirits. Anything else?”

“No,” Amanda said. “Look, how could she kept us out last night?“

“How did she do what?” Albrecht asked.

“We couldn't get into the workhouse. Like Steopa-”

Teodor kicked Amanda under the table.

“What! You already mentioned him?” Amanda said.

“Steopa?” Albrecht asked. “That is an odd name.”

“He is a friend of mine,” Teodor said. Steopa will kill him if he shows up with a stake, but... “He is a vampire.”

Albrecht did not look surprised, “There are a few in this town.”

“You're not going to hunt them down are you?” Teodor asked.

Albrecht shook his head. “Everything deserves a place to live. Vampires are just predators for humans.”

Teodor stared at Albrecht. Was this guy for real? He thought. Most Mages in Europe would jump at a chance to kill a vampire. “Alright, it was like what keeps a vampire out of private places. Steopa threw a stump through the window and we were able to get in.”

Albrecht lowered his head again, “That one I will have to do some research on. I have a few theories, but nothing that I want to say at this point.”

“Are the kids from the workhouse safe, now?” Amanda asked. “Most of them ended up at foster homes.”

Albrecht shrugged. “If they find a good home, yes. But some might go back on the street.”

“I have been wondering,” Teodor said. “Why are there so many children on the street now. I didn't see this many kids on the street in Stalingrad.”

Albrecht looked up. “I have noticed that too. Two years ago, there were a few, but lately there are more kids than adults on the streets.”

The noise of someone knocking on the front door made Albrecht turn around. “Oh,” he said, “I forgot my delivery was coming. Excuse me.”

Albrecht left them in the office. Teodor turned to Amanda, “What do you think?”

“He's strange.”

“I know.”

“How's does Bilge know this guy?”

“I don't know,” Teodor said. “But he could have hurt or killed us by now.”

“He doesn't seem that dangerous,” Amanda said, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

“Depends how powerful he is,” Teodor said, “A real Mage can do amazing things.”

Amanda shook her head. “I don't believe any of that, age of Aquarius type shit.”

Teodor shook his head. “Amanda, you are a werewolf, we have been fighting a Hag, and you are having trouble accepting that Albrecht is a Mage?”

Amanda shrugged. “Magic always seemed to be full of charlatans.”

Albrecht came back into the room with a cardboard box under his arm. “So what do you want to do now?”

“I want to find that Hag,” Teodor said.

“Then you have to find out who she was. When you do, come back here.”

“Aren't you going to do anything?” Amanda asked.

Albrecht placed the box on the desk. “I have my own issues to deal with. But I will assist when I can.”

Teodor stood up. “Well, thanks for your time."

“Say hello to Bilge for me,” Albrecht said.

Amanda stood up, “Is there anything we can do to protect the kids that we know?”

“Be there for them. The Hag wants the kids alone. Don't let them be.”

Amanda nodded. Teodor put his arm around her and the left the shop. Outside Teodor and her walked down the street. The plows had been out, leaving the street and sidewalk separated by tall snow banks. Teodor glanced across the street. The young man that had been hanging outside of the Pit stood at a street corner. The collar of his coat pulled up around his face. His knitted hat pulled down past his ears. All Teodor could see was the youth's eyes. A soft growl escaped his throat. Amanda glanced at him.

“What is it?” she asked.

“That kid,” Teodor said.

“What about him?”

“He's been hanging around the Pit.”


Teodor dropped his arm, “I think I am going to talk to him.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 1

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

It was late when Amanda and Teodor returned to the Pit. Bilge met them downstairs. They told him what had happened.

Bilge nodded. “I saw, the news was all over it, the boys saw it too.”

Teodor sat down on a bar stool and let his shoulders fall. “We couldn't reach them.”

Amanda laid her head on Teodor's shoulder. “We tried.”

“That Hag was going to skin them all.”

Bilge reached for a bottle of whiskey.

“What happened to the kids?” Teodor asked

Bilge lined up three shot glasses. “According to the news. They are all going to the hospital tonight, then foster homes.”

“At least they will be safe,” Amanda said.

Bilge poured the whiskey out. He slid a glass to Amanda and one to Teodor. Teodor looked at the amber liquid. “What is that supposed to do?”

“You need it,” Bilge said.

Teodor picked up his shot glass and sniffed the whiskey. He had been around alcohol enough. Steopa would drink vodka, even though it did nothing to a vampire. Teodor could never figure out why, it had no smell or taste. The whiskey had a stronger smell, but it wasn't unpleasant. Teodor sipped.

Bilge chuckled, “One go,” he said and downed his shot.

Teodor threw his head back. The whiskey burned as he swallowed and hit his empty stomach. Teodor coughed. Amanda slapped him on the back.

“It's okay,” she said. Amanda drank her shot. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

“What happened?” Bilge asked.

Teodor picked up the shot glass and studied the light bouncing off the inside of the cup. “We failed.”

“We couldn't get in,” Amanda said.

“What do you mean?” Bilge asked.

“We couldn't get in,” Teodor said, “Something was keeping us out.”

“The Hag?”

Teodor shrugged.

Bilge poured out another shot for himself. He tilted the bottle towards Teodor. Teodor shook his head.

“Tell you what you two are going to do,” Bilge said. “I am gonna send you over to a friend of mine's shop, tomorrow. He will know what you are, but since I am sending you, there won't be any problems. You tell him everything.”

“Why?” Teodor asked.

“Because the Hag tried to keep you away from the children. I think she is frightened of you.” Bilge drank his shot.

“Frightened of us?” Teodor asked.

Bilge nodded. “You are a flipping werewolf.”

Teodor sighed. “It did nothing tonight.”

Amanda nodded. “Come on, Teodor. Let's get some sleep, okay.”

Teodor patted her hand. “Yeah, I guess.”

They went to their new apartment. Bilge left them a couple of sleeping bags on the floor. Amanda undressed. Teodor stood in the middle of the room, looking at the floor.

“Teodor, lay down,” she said.

“Maybe my dad was right,” he said. “Being the runt means I can't do shit.”

Amanda kicked her pants away. “You're father was an asshole.”

“He would have killed the Hag by now."

Amanda took off her bra. “And then what?”

Teodor looked up. Amanda looked beautiful. But he sighed. “He would have eaten the kids.”

“You are better than him, remember that.”

Amanda came over to him and ran her fingers through his short beard. Teodor wrapped his arm around her. He kissed her neck. Amanda stroked his chest.

“We should do what Bilge said,” Amanda said.

Teodor nodded, not taking his lips off her neck.

“Perhaps we need to find out more,” she said.

Teodor lifted his head. “Stop talking.”

Amanda smiled. She pulled away from him and slid into the sleeping bag. Teodor stripped and joined her.

They didn't leave the Pit until the afternoon. The address that Bilge gave them sat in the shopping area near the University. They passed by the store twice before Teodor saw the door.

The bookstore did not have any large signs outside. It didn't look open. The windows covered and filled with old junk, just a small sign in the corner of one of the windows read open. They walked in. Books were everywhere. In the bookcases, piled on the bookcases, piled on the floor, and strewn over the tables. The place smelled of old paper and leather. In the front of the shop had a small rack of new best sellers, near a counter. Teodor looked up. There was an upper balcony that carried on the jumbled mess upstairs.

A man coughed. Teodor looked. Walking towards them was a tall, thin, gray haired man. His hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. He looked as young as Teodor did, but his eyes looked far older. Teodor felt the hair on his neck rise. There was danger here, but Teodor could not sense where.

The man stood behind the counter. “Can I help you?”

“Albert? Bilge sent us,” Teodor said.

The man glanced around the store. Then he walked to the main door and locked it. “Follow me. My name is Albrecht, not Albert.”

“You don't sound German,” Amanda said.

“My mother loved Albrecht Durer's artwork."

They followed him to the back of the store. Albrecht unlocked a door and held it open for both of them. Inside the little office, was the usual desk and files, but along one wall were two chairs. They sat on either side of a small round table, covered in a red velvet cloth.

“Are we going to have trouble or do I have to get my silver cane?” Albrecht asked.

“Bilge said you weren't going to give us any trouble,” Teodor said.

“I'm not as trusting as he is.”

“No problems,” Amanda said.

Albrecht motioned with his hand to the two chairs. Amanda sat down, but Teodor did not. He pulled the chair out and stood behind the chair.

“So you are hunting the Hag?” Albrecht asked. He leaned up against his desk, but did not take his eyes off Teodor.

“Yes,” Teodor said.

“Hags are tough. Basically, they are ghosts, but they have more power than your regular spirit.”

“She's a ghost?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, a ghost haunts one small area, but a Hag can go anywhere in a larger area. As long as that area mets certain requirements.  A ghost will not harm you, a Hag will kill.”

“What makes them so different?” Amanda asked.

Albrecht rubbed his hands together. “Because they become famous.”

“What?” Teodor asked.

“Are you familiar with Bloody Mary?” Albrecht asked.

Teodor shook his head.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 13

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Teodor did not care how cold it had gotten. He went back to his human form as he approached Steopa.

“What the hell was that?” He asked, shaking more with anger than the cold.

“What?” Steopa asked.

“Why couldn't we get in?”

“I was not invited inside,” Steopa said.

“But Amanda and I had been in there before.”

“I do not know.” Steopa said.

Teodor kicked the snow. “Fuck!”

He stood in the cold snow for a moment, breathing in the icy air. He raised his hands behind his head and took a deep breath. This was not the time to get angry. That time had passed.

Steopa took off his overcoat and handed it to Teodor.

“Thanks,” he said. He pointed to Steopa's throat. “How's the neck?”


Teodor wrapped the coat around him. “I have to call the police.”

"What will you say to them?" Steopa asked.

"I heard screaming." Teodor walked toward the road. He sunk in the snow drifts. The snow came up to his upper thighs. It would be easier to travel on the snow like a wolf, but he wanted to feel the icy wetness.

Steopa walked on top of the fresh powder. He caught up with Teodor. “Does she skin all of them?”

Teodor paused in the snow. “I think so."

“What does she do with the bodies?”

“Does it matter?”

"Yes, she left them.”

The cold made his body quake. Teodor changed into his hybrid form. “She hasn't before.”

Steopa glanced back at the workhouse, his brow wrinkled. “And it is only children she attacks?”

“What are you doing?” Teodor asked. “There are kids killed in there and you are asking twenty questions.”

Steopa tilted his head and stared at Teodor. “You are right, call he police, let the humans handle this.”

“I am going to."

“After the police come, then what?”

“They will take the kids from here. They will be safer somewhere else.”

“And the Hag?”

“To hell with her."

Steopa crossed his arms. “You are giving up?”

Teodor's shoulder's fell. “I couldn't protect them, I tried, but she killed them. She doesn't care who sees her kill.”

“Then she is not afraid of being found out,” Steopa said. “I have to hunt carefully. I have to make sure that my kills looked like accidental deaths. But the Hag is not that cautious.”

“What are you implying?”

“She wants an audience.”

Teodor glanced back at the workhouse. “Why?”

“I think to frighten the children. You remember the tales of Baba Yaga and Muma Padurii. I had nightmares when I was little.”

Teodor scoffed, it was hard to imagine Steopa as a little child.

“But those stories had their purpose,” Steopa said.

“I know. They kept me inline. That and my dad would beat the crap out of me.”

Steopa rubbed his chin. “Yes, call the police. If she wants attention, we should give her some.”

“Go back and tell Amanda."

He raced down the snow drifts towards the road. In the distance he could see the lighted sign of a gas station.