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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 1

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It was late when Amanda and Teodor returned to the Pit. Bilge met them downstairs. They told him what had happened.

Bilge nodded. “I saw, the news was all over it, the boys saw it too.”

Teodor sat down on a bar stool and let his shoulders fall. “We couldn't reach them.”

Amanda laid her head on Teodor's shoulder. “We tried.”

“That Hag was going to skin them all.”

Bilge reached for a bottle of whiskey.

“What happened to the kids?” Teodor asked

Bilge lined up three shot glasses. “According to the news. They are all going to the hospital tonight, then foster homes.”

“At least they will be safe,” Amanda said.

Bilge poured the whiskey out. He slid a glass to Amanda and one to Teodor. Teodor looked at the amber liquid. “What is that supposed to do?”

“You need it,” Bilge said.

Teodor picked up his shot glass and sniffed the whiskey. He had been around alcohol enough. Steopa would drink vodka, even though it did nothing to a vampire. Teodor could never figure out why, it had no smell or taste. The whiskey had a stronger smell, but it wasn't unpleasant. Teodor sipped.

Bilge chuckled, “One go,” he said and downed his shot.

Teodor threw his head back. The whiskey burned as he swallowed and hit his empty stomach. Teodor coughed. Amanda slapped him on the back.

“It's okay,” she said. Amanda drank her shot. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

“What happened?” Bilge asked.

Teodor picked up the shot glass and studied the light bouncing off the inside of the cup. “We failed.”

“We couldn't get in,” Amanda said.

“What do you mean?” Bilge asked.

“We couldn't get in,” Teodor said, “Something was keeping us out.”

“The Hag?”

Teodor shrugged.

Bilge poured out another shot for himself. He tilted the bottle towards Teodor. Teodor shook his head.

“Tell you what you two are going to do,” Bilge said. “I am gonna send you over to a friend of mine's shop, tomorrow. He will know what you are, but since I am sending you, there won't be any problems. You tell him everything.”

“Why?” Teodor asked.

“Because the Hag tried to keep you away from the children. I think she is frightened of you.” Bilge drank his shot.

“Frightened of us?” Teodor asked.

Bilge nodded. “You are a flipping werewolf.”

Teodor sighed. “It did nothing tonight.”

Amanda nodded. “Come on, Teodor. Let's get some sleep, okay.”

Teodor patted her hand. “Yeah, I guess.”

They went to their new apartment. Bilge left them a couple of sleeping bags on the floor. Amanda undressed. Teodor stood in the middle of the room, looking at the floor.

“Teodor, lay down,” she said.

“Maybe my dad was right,” he said. “Being the runt means I can't do shit.”

Amanda kicked her pants away. “You're father was an asshole.”

“He would have killed the Hag by now."

Amanda took off her bra. “And then what?”

Teodor looked up. Amanda looked beautiful. But he sighed. “He would have eaten the kids.”

“You are better than him, remember that.”

Amanda came over to him and ran her fingers through his short beard. Teodor wrapped his arm around her. He kissed her neck. Amanda stroked his chest.

“We should do what Bilge said,” Amanda said.

Teodor nodded, not taking his lips off her neck.

“Perhaps we need to find out more,” she said.

Teodor lifted his head. “Stop talking.”

Amanda smiled. She pulled away from him and slid into the sleeping bag. Teodor stripped and joined her.

They didn't leave the Pit until the afternoon. The address that Bilge gave them sat in the shopping area near the University. They passed by the store twice before Teodor saw the door.

The bookstore did not have any large signs outside. It didn't look open. The windows covered and filled with old junk, just a small sign in the corner of one of the windows read open. They walked in. Books were everywhere. In the bookcases, piled on the bookcases, piled on the floor, and strewn over the tables. The place smelled of old paper and leather. In the front of the shop had a small rack of new best sellers, near a counter. Teodor looked up. There was an upper balcony that carried on the jumbled mess upstairs.

A man coughed. Teodor looked. Walking towards them was a tall, thin, gray haired man. His hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. He looked as young as Teodor did, but his eyes looked far older. Teodor felt the hair on his neck rise. There was danger here, but Teodor could not sense where.

The man stood behind the counter. “Can I help you?”

“Albert? Bilge sent us,” Teodor said.

The man glanced around the store. Then he walked to the main door and locked it. “Follow me. My name is Albrecht, not Albert.”

“You don't sound German,” Amanda said.

“My mother loved Albrecht Durer's artwork."

They followed him to the back of the store. Albrecht unlocked a door and held it open for both of them. Inside the little office, was the usual desk and files, but along one wall were two chairs. They sat on either side of a small round table, covered in a red velvet cloth.

“Are we going to have trouble or do I have to get my silver cane?” Albrecht asked.

“Bilge said you weren't going to give us any trouble,” Teodor said.

“I'm not as trusting as he is.”

“No problems,” Amanda said.

Albrecht motioned with his hand to the two chairs. Amanda sat down, but Teodor did not. He pulled the chair out and stood behind the chair.

“So you are hunting the Hag?” Albrecht asked. He leaned up against his desk, but did not take his eyes off Teodor.

“Yes,” Teodor said.

“Hags are tough. Basically, they are ghosts, but they have more power than your regular spirit.”

“She's a ghost?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, a ghost haunts one small area, but a Hag can go anywhere in a larger area. As long as that area mets certain requirements.  A ghost will not harm you, a Hag will kill.”

“What makes them so different?” Amanda asked.

Albrecht rubbed his hands together. “Because they become famous.”

“What?” Teodor asked.

“Are you familiar with Bloody Mary?” Albrecht asked.

Teodor shook his head.

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