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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 14 Part 3

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He walked across the street, not waiting for the traffic. Teodor kept his eyes on the youth. A car honked at Teodor as he weaved his way in and out the vehicles. The youth had not moved. Teodor jumped over a snow bank and on to the same sidewalk as the youth.

The youth turned and walked down the street. Teodor stayed behind him, just far enough to see where he was heading. The young man picked up his pace. Teodor caught the young man's scent. He slowed down. He could smell the young man now, he didn't need to stay within eyesight.

The traffic on the street was heavy, but the sidewalks did not have as much traffic. Not every sidewalk had been cleared off. The ones that had were easy enough to walk over, but then Teodor would hit a section covered in snow. The foot traffic had compressed most of the snow by now. Making the walk slick.

Teodor could smell that the young man had changed direction again. He had turned into an empty lot. The snow in the lot had been compressed so much by other walkers, that it would be hard to find the young man's foot prints. Yet, his scent was fresh enough so Teodor could sort it away from the others.

The young man's path lead him between two buildings too small to be an alley, it was full of bikes, garbage cans, and new shovels. Teodor slowed down. The young man's scent became stronger here, but Teodor could not see him.

Teodor entered the walkway. Someone struck from the side. Teodor hit the wall and bounced off. He shouldered the young man into the other wall. The young man threw a wild punch. The fist hit Teodor in the throat. He lost his breath. The young man forced Teodor's head down on his raised knee. Teodor grabbed the young man's lower leg and lifted. The young man and him fell backwards onto the walkway.

A pain hit Teodor's lower back. It burned and stung like only one thing would. Silver. The burning took over his entire lower back. Teodor couldn't move. He tried to roll over, but he could not get his body to respond. The young man scrambled away, kicking Teodor in the face as he got away. Teodor forced his arm behind his back. Every movement sent a shot of pain through his whole body. He couldn't feel were the silver had entered him. He pulled his hand out and saw the blood. He wouldn't heal, not with silver in the wound.

Using his hand, Teodor pushed himself over on his side. Breathing in the cold moist air. He tried to change, to force the silver out of his body. Nothing worked.

Numbness traveled up his spine. Teodor reached out with his hand and found a handhold on the ground. He pulled himself towards the entrance of the walkway. Where's Amanda? He thought.

Teodor reached out again and pulled himself a little further along the walkway. Then a familiar smell came closer. Teodor lifted his head. Brutus ambled down the alley, sniffing at the ground.

The newspaper seller's dog lifted his head and whined when he saw Teodor. Teodor whined back. Brutus padded over and kissed Teodor's face.

“Hey Brutus,” Teodor said, “Can you get me some help?”

Brutus barked.


Brutus licked Teodor's face, and ran off. Teodor heard the barking and howling start up. Even if the other dogs could not do anything to help, the message would get to Amanda.

Teodor laid on his side. He breathed deeply. The pain radiated from the wound to his chest. Teodor coughed. He could feel the silver moving through his body.

Who the hell was that? He thought.

Snow fell again. Teodor looked up. The skies were blue. The snow was being blown off the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Teodor shook, from the silver. The cold did not bother him as much as the searing pain. A few people walked past the entrance of the walkway, but no one glanced into the empty space. Teodor felt the burning pain start to travel up his spine. He tried to move his arm, but it laid along his side.


Amanda ran to his side. She covered his wound, then pulled her hand away quickly.

“It's silver,” Teodor said.

Amanda dug a glove out of her jacket and put it on. She tugged at his wound. She swore under her breath. Teodor felt the pressure disappear. Amanda threw the bloody knife blade into the snow. The pain traveled though Teodor's body. Amanda pulled her glove off, then pressed it against his back.

“Can you move?” Amanda asked.

“No,” Teodor said. His neck felt like it was on fire.

Brutus waddled back into the walkway. He laid down next to Teodor and whined.

“I need to get help,” Amanda said.

Brutus whined and growled.

“Alright, you stay with him,” Amanda said to Brutus.

Amanda ran out of the walkway. Brutus licked Teodor's forehead.

“Can you still smell the guy that did this?” Teodor asked.

Brutus barked.

“I have to find him,”

Brutus howled. The other dogs in the neighborhood picked up the howl. Teodor listened to their conversation. The young man had been seen, walking to the south. The pain pressed against his head. Teodor's eyes felt dry. He tried blinking them, he could not move his eyelids.

The snow swirled around Teodor again. He saw nothing, but white.

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