Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm doing #WIP500

I'm doing #WIP500 with a bit more added. If you want to follow my madness, read on.

What is this?
A challenge to get my writing in gear again. An average of 500 words a day for one year. Inspired by #WIP500 on Google+.

Cara Michaels wonderful idea to keep us motivated. It doesn’t matter what we write, as long as we write.

What will you be writing?
Anything. I have a story idea in mind.  Since 500 words a day equals 182,500 words, it would have to be a meaty story to take up all those words. So anything I write will be put up. Exception: Responses to blogs, posts on G+, any social media.
2012 is a leap year, so this year’s challenge works out to 183,000 words.

Sounds like a lot, how can you keep it straight?
Everything will be under my 500 a day collection on google docs. The story idea(s) will be separated from short stories, poems, rewrites, etc. So if you want to follow one, you can pick which one to follow.

Why share it?
I consider myself a pantser writer. A pantser  is someone that writes by the seat of their pants. They don’t outline a story before they write it. Some just write, others (like me) have a general idea of the concept of the story and a few characters.
We let the story develop as we go. Which I think allows for more flow of ideas. But a lot of what you write is crap.  I hope people will get a kick out of watching the ideas percolate.

What about someone stealing your stuff?
  1. It’s a risk no matter what you share.
  2. I am only sharing this with people that want to see the process.
  3. Remember this is the crap stuff. I won’t put it out “Offically” until most of the damage control is done. If they steal it and put it up as is, they are stealing junk, it’s going to look bad to them, not me.

How do I stay up to date:
If you are on G+ message me, I will add you to my 500 a day circle, you will get a link every day.
If not, send me your email via my G+ profile . I’ll add you to my share list.

This document will be kept at: If you want the updated version check it out.

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