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#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 15 Part 1

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The voice drifted into Teodor's ears.

“I did all I could,”

“You did fine,” that was Bilge.

“But I am not a vet, that's who you should have taken him too.” The voice was familiar. It was an older man's, a voice that was forced. As if every word was painful to say.

“You did fine, Mr. Sansard,” Bilge said.

“Yes, thank you,” Amanda said.

Teodor started to see faint shapes around him. There were three people standing around him. He could almost see Amanda's blond hair. He tried to speak.

Amanda's head turned. “Teodor?”

“What happened?” Teodor said, sounding out each word.

“That kid that stabbed you, had a trick knife.” Bilge said.

“The knife was silver, with a hollow tip,” Amanda said, “The tip broke, it was full of silver filings.”

“You're lucky,” Mr. Sansard said.

Teodor could now make out where he was by the smells. Teodor could smelt the stale beer and vinegary wine. The strong sweet smell of garbage was overpowering any other smells. It was the alcohol and food warehouse that Bilge had taken him too.

Bilge lit of of his thin cigars. “Why'd you go after that young man?”

Teodor adjusted himself on the concrete floor. The small of his back felt tender, but the burning pain was gone. “He was lurking outside the Pit.”

“How'd he know about your friend?” Mr. Sansard asked.

“That's a good question,” Bilge said. He puffed on his cigar. “He's kinda young to be a werewolf hunter.”

“Guys,” Amanda said, “He needs his rest.”

“Can you move?” Bilge asked.

Teodor nodded. Amanda bent down and helped Teodor up. He winced as he stood up straight.

“The dogs followed the young man,” Amanda said. “He's at one of the buildings near the river where the River Rats hang out.”

Bilge pulled the cigar out of his mouth. “What are River Rats doing with silver knives?”

“Who?” Mr. Sansard asked.

“A bunch of bad kids,” Bilge said.

“Near the river?”

Bilge nodded.

Amanda sighed. “Can I take him home?”

“Sorry,” Bilge said. "Yeah, lets get him home."

Amanda helped Teodor to Bilge's truck. Teodor felt stronger as he walked towards the truck.

“Those kids shouldn't be by the river,” Mr. Sansard said.

“Why?” Bilge asked as he opened the passenger side door.

“It's haunted,” Mr. Sansard said, “The ghosts are vicious.”

“How do you know this?” Amanda said, as she helped Teodor into the cab of the truck.

“My friend was attacked,” Mr. Sansard said, “Right after we came to this country.”

Amanda climbed into the cab, alongside Teodor. Bilge walked around to the driver's side.

“Thank you, again, Mr. Sansard,” Bilge said, as he got into the cab.

“What? Alright, take care.”

Bilge started up his truck. They pulled out of the loading dock. Bilge put out his cigar.

“Sorry about that, he was the only one I could think of,” Bilge said.

“What did he do?” Teodor asked.

“He had been a doctor,” Amanda said, “But he did something else to you.”

“Psychic healer,” Bilge said, “or if you prefer faith healer.”

Teodor glanced at Bilge. “I have to ask you. Are all your friends a little on the odd side?”

“Yeah, what is it with you, Bilge?” Amanda asked.

Bilge shifted the truck, “I know a group of people, with special skills,” he said, “Albrecht, Mr. Sansard, Myself, and a couple more.”

Teodor waited for the explanation, it did not come. “And?” he asked.

“When we were younger, we liked to hunt in the darkness.” Bilge said, “Ghosts mainly, but we found other things as well.”

“Do you still do it?” Amanda asked.

Bilge shook his head, “No, not worth the danger. When that factory exploded years ago, that was the last time,”

Teodor and Amanda exchanged a glance, “We remember,” Amanda said.

“Too much energy,” Bilge said. “It nearly fried Mr. Sansard. It did fry me, unfortunately.”

“What do you mean?” Teodor asked.

“When it went up,” Bilge said. “I suddenly got a nasty headache, and then it was gone.”

“What?” Amanda asked.

“My talent,” Bilge said, “You didn't think I could only serve beer.”

Bilge slowed down and stopped for a red light. “I could sense ghosts, talk to them, sometimes.”

“A psychic?” Amanda asked.

“Yeah, but when that factory blew,” He shook his head, “There was something strange going on there. We had heard stories about a lab...”

“We know,” Amanda said.

Bilge glanced at her. “I thought you did, but I don't want to know about it.”

“What about Trucker and Gunner?” Teodor asked.

“They are still at my place,” Bilge said. “If that guy was a River Rat, then Gunner will want to go after him.”

“So is Mr. Sansard correct? The river is haunted?” Amanda asked.

Bilge nodded. “Yeah, but not just ghosts.”

Teodor rubbed his beard. “You know what is odd. That a kid would know what to carry if he wanted to hurt a werewolf, but then hang out in a haunted area.”

“I think it is more interesting to find out where he got that knife,” Bilge said. “You can't just buy one of those at the store.”

Teodor nodded.

Bilge turned down a street. “Let's just take it easy tonight. I got a band setting up in about an hour. Teodor, I want you to stay away from the bar.”


“I don't know how fast you heal, but I don't want to take any chances,” Bilge said.

“You could watch the boys,” Amanda said.

Teodor put his arm around Amanda. “Sure, I will play Dad, tonight."

Amanda smiled a small smile. “I'll bring up some sandwiches later.”

Teodor nodded. “Sounds good.”

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