Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 18

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“I cannot believe you went out and that!” Amanda's face turned red. She threw her right arm out, pointing in the direction of the slaughter.

“I didn't kill anyone,” Teodor said.

“You could have stopped Steopa,” Amanda said.

Teodor laughed. “Have you seen him?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I had to find out how TJ knew I was a werewolf,” Teodor said.


“Because, it means someone knows about us,” Teodor said.

Glasses clinked nearby. Teodor glanced over to the bar. Bilge washed the dishes, acting as if he was not hearing the argument.

Teodor sighed. “I wanted to protect you.”

Bilge coughed. Teodor turned.

“Was it worth it?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Teodor said, “I found out who the River Rats work for.”


“Robert Braid and Peter, something.”

Bilge dropped the glass he was holding. “Are you sure?”

Teodor nodded.

Bilge pulled up a bar stool and sat down on it. “You just stirred up a hornets nest.”

“See!” Amanda said.

“Amanda,” Bilge said, holding up his hand. “This is far worst than what you think.”

“What?” Amanda asked.

“Peter Gephart and Robert used to be friends of mine,” Bilge said, “They were part of our ghost hunting group. After the explosion, things got tense.” Bilge lit a cigar. “Bob and Peter stopped being satisfied with just exploring, they wanted more power. Bob was jealous of Albrecht, for instance. Peter left first, after an argument with me. Then Bob did. Rumors about them dabbling in dark magic.”

“Were they?” Teodor asked.

Bilge nodded, “Yeah, Albrecht and me checked them out one time. Nasty stuff they were doing. Albrecht does not shy away from the nastier spells, but what Bob and Peter were doing was beyond that.”

“What sort of things?” Teodor asked.

“It's hard to describe.” Bilge said, pausing to puff on his cigar. “The main thing is that they gathered power by hurting others.”

“What do you mean? Hurting others?” Amanda asked.

“They used to harm themselves. Every time they would hurt themselves, power would build. But they could only do so much, so they started to harm others.”

“Killing?” Teodor asked.

“Not at first. You can't get much power off a corpse,” Bilge said. “Control, fear, and pain, that is what they need.”

Teodor felt Amanda place her hand on his shoulder. “Sounds horrible,” she said.

Bilge nodded. “It's like a drug, they always want more.”

“You said Albrecht dabbles,” Teodor said.

“No, he knows that there always has to be a balance,” Bilge said, “Bob and Peter don't care.”

“So I take it they are going to be after me now,” Teodor said.

Bilge nodded.

Teodor spun around on the seat. “I am sorry Amanda,” he said.

“No, you were right, you had to find out who knew,” Amanda said.

“Yeah, but now we got two nuts on our tails, and we are no closer to getting rid of the Hag.”

Bilge put out his cigar. “Tell you what, you two worry about the Hag. Albrecht and I can watch out for Bob and Peter.”

“Alright,” Teodor said.

Amanda gave Teodor a hug, “Trucker is staying in our apartment right now,” she said.

“Where?” Teodor asked, “We are sleeping on the floor.”

Bilge shrugged, “I got you two a couch.”

“Thanks again,” Teodor said.

Amanda and Teodor went up the stairs to their apartment. In the bare living room, Trucker snored softly on the only piece of furniture. They went to their sparse bedroom and tried to get some sleep.

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