Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 19 Part 1

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The next morning. Teodor woke up later than usual. In the next room he could hear Amanda and Trucker talking. Teodor rolled over and groped for his pants. After dressing, he walking into the kitchen. Amanda had a box opened from a bakery.

“Hey,” She said, flashing Teodor a large smile, “I got donuts and coffee.”

“You must of slaved over the stove all morning,” Teodor said. He kissed Amanda on the cheek.

Trucker giggled.

“What's so funny?” Teodor asked.

Trucker tore into another donut.

“Teodor! Amanda!” Bilge yelled from the other side of the door.

Amanda opened it.

Bilge hurried inside, “Do you two have a place you can go to? Right now.”

“What's going on?” Teodor asked.

“I just saw the news.” Bilge said, “The police are looking for someone, the sketch sort of looked like you.”

Teodor stood up, “Are you sure?”

Bilge nodded.

“Who saw you?” Amanda asked.

“This hooker and her john,” Teodor said, “And TJ.”

“This is about the workhouse,” Bilge said.

“No one saw me at the workhouse,” Teodor said, “I was in my wolf form most of the time.”

“Except when you left with Steopa to get help,” Amanda said.

“Yeah, but I was with Steopa,” Teodor said. “His picture should be up there too.”

“Nah, just yours,” Bilge said.

“What the hell?” Teodor asked.

“Is there anywhere you can stay?” Bilge asked again.

Teodor nodded.

“Then get your butts there,” Bilge said.

“The cops would have already been here,” Amanda said.

“It's not the cops.” Bilge said. “Albrecht called me, he had one of his dreams, you don't ignore.”

Amanda hugged Trucker. “Take care of him.” She told Bilge.

“Don't worry about it,” Bilge said. “Just lay low for a couple of hours.”

“When are we going to know the coast is clear?” Teodor asked.

“I'll get you,” Trucker said.

“What?” Amanda asked, “No, Trucker, it's too dangerous.”

“Don't worry,” Trucker said. “I think I know where you are going. It's my favorite place to get scrap metal.”

Teodor ruffled Trucker's hair. He was a smart kid. “You're right.”

“Come on, run,” Bilge said.

Teodor finished dressing. He grabbed Amanda's hand and ran for the door. They got to the hallway and stopped. Teodor could smell something was not right. He glanced at Amanda, the hair on the back of her neck was starting to rise. The shadows were wrong in the hallway. They were too dark, for this time of day. Amanda released his hand. She started to sniff the air. Teodor saw one of the shadows creep along the floor. It was spreading out over the carpet towards them.

Teodor stepped back. Another shadow moved down the walls towards them. The one on the floor crept up to Teodor's foot. It touched the tip of his shoes. His foot felt like ice. He pulled his foot back.

Amanda whimpered. She grabbed Teodor's shoulder. The shadows flowed into each other. They turned darker and rose up off the floor. It was like watching water well up in a geyser.

“Bilge!” Amanda screamed.

The shadow quickly formed into a long, thick, arm and reached for them. Teodor pushed Amanda further down the hall. The shadow slammed into Teodor. It felt like he had been struck by a sheet of ice.

Bilge opened their door, “Shit,” He said, slamming the door shut.

The shadow moved through Teodor. He tried to grab it, but his hands went through the icy grayness. Amanda screamed.

Teodor turned, twisting the shadows with him. A shadow had Amanda as well. The one that grabbed her had taken on a more solid shape. It looked human. Amanda growled and barked. Her hair was longer and covering more of her body.

Bilge opened the door again, he threw a handful of white powder into the shadow that had Amanda. The shadow let her go. It screamed. The shadow's scream sounded like a rabbit, when it was being killed.

Amanda ran towards Teodor. Bilge threw another handful towards the shadow that was surrounding and in Teodor. The shadow screamed the high pitched wail. Teodor grabbed his ears and fell to his knees. The shadows were retreating down the hallway.

“You guys okay?” Bilge asked.

Teodor nodded. Amanda shook herself. She pulled up her ripped shirt up and tied it off over the shoulder.

“What the hell were those?” Teodor asked.

“Scouts,” Bilge said. “Compliments of Bob and Peter. You two better get out of here.”

“What did you throw at them?” Amanda asked.

“Salt,” Bilge said. “It works wonders.”

“Those things will come back here,” Teodor said.

“Yeah, but if they can't find you, they will leave,” Bilge said.

Bilge motioned with his hands for them to leave. Teodor took Amanda's hand again, and they left.

It was the middle of the day, but Teodor knew that vampires could still hear everything around them. Teodor banged on the vault door.

“Steopa,” Teodor yelled.

He banged on the door again. Amanda sighed.

“Do you think he can hear us through all that steel?” She asked.

Teodor shrugged. He banged his fist against the vault door. The handle turned. The door opened. Steopa stood on the other side of the door, only in his pants. His long hair snaked around his shoulders.

“This better be good,” he said, his voice slurred.

“Turns out we pissed off some mages,” Teodor said. “This is the safest place I know.”

Steopa grunted and stood aside. Teodor wrapped his arm around Amanda and then went inside.

“Mages?” Steopa asked.

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