Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Readers are going to figure it out

Some of the advice you get, when you are looking to build a writer platform, tells you to keep your political views private.

I understand the fear, you want to reach out to all potential readers. But to stay away from politics? Sometimes you can't. Sometimes, if the stars align, what you do as a writer can change things.

I give you the example of Upton Sinclair.

Many of us know him because he wrote The Jungle. A fictionalized look into the meat packing industry that caused the public to demand reforms in the meat industry.

But that was not the only thing he wrote, nor the first. He was a prolific writer. Writing in many genres and screenplays, he had nearly a hundred books to his credit. But he is remembered for The Jungle.

So I suggest, don't stop yourself from expressing your views. No matter how you try to keep your
political or social views quiet, they will sneak into your writing. Remember Frank Miller's tirade against Occupy? Many were shocked, but some pointed out it was not a surprise, if you looked at Frank Miller's work(1) (2).

As writers, we have a very powerful tool to help change the world. If you see something that you think is wrong in society, instead of tweeting about it, channel that anger and energy into a writing piece. Maybe a blog post, maybe a novel. Who knows, maybe that piece will be the one that gets you known.

You will NOT please everyone. So why not step on a few toes to get your point across?

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