Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 25 Part 4

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“You have no right!” she screamed.

“It is not your choice.”

She screamed.

“You can leave willingly, or we can destroy you.”

Teodor snarled. The Hag focused her hollow eyes on him. “Creature, you cannot harm me.”

“You killed those children. You had your child killed in front of you and you still killed other children,” Teodor said.

Gunner shined the light on her. While the light passed across her face, Teodor could see her eyes.

“Elizabeth Swift, we know the truth. We know that you did not kill your infant,” Albrecht said. He picked up the skin.

She tried to attack them. But she could not pass over the circle. She pounded her fist against the unseen barrier. “My baby!”

“You want your baby?”

“Give me my child!”

“Then leave. Promise us that you will finally rest.” Albrecht held up the skin.

“I don't believe you,” she said.

Albrecht knelt down and opened the box with the baptismal gown. “We found your baby's gown too.”

The hag back away from the circle. “Where do I go?”

“You have to cross over,” Albrecht said.


“Elizabeth, you have to take your baby and leave. That is all.” He picked up the box with the gown. “Do you agree?”

The blackness that surrounded and filled the hag, became lighter. Her eyes returned to the empty sockets. “I agree.”

Albrecht placed the skin inside the box on the gown. Teodor caught a look that Albrecht gave Bilge. Bilge tightened his grip on the rock salt. Teodor stepped aside as Albrecht approached the edge of the circle.

He held out the box. “Here is your baby.”

She reached out and took the box. The monster appearance melted away from Elizabeth. Instead she became a black haired, young woman wearing a long blue gown. She ran her fingers over the skin.

“My sweet baby,” she said. Her voice had changed. She spoke in a soft whisper.

“Will you leave?” Albrecht asked.

Elizabeth wrapped the skin in the gown. She nodded.

“Then leave,” Albrecht said.

Her feet, then her legs disappeared. The shadows swallowed her. Traveling up her body. Her face was the last to disappear. She smiled.

The darkness replaced by bright moonlight, it streamed into the room. Without the shadows, the living room looked comforable with faded wallpaper.

Bilge sighed. “That went well.”

“Is she gone?” Gunner asked.


“I thought we would do more fighting...”

Bilge scoffed.

Teodor turned around. “You wanted to fight her, after you saw what she could do to me.”

“Good point.”

Albrecht rubbed his forehead. “Bilge could you close off the rest of the house. We should leave this place in peace.”

Bilge nodded. He stepped outside of the circle. For a moment Teodor thought something would jump out at them. But nothing did.

Albrecht grabbed Teodor's arm. “Sorry, I think I need some help.”

Teodor let Albrecht lean on him. “No problem.”

Gunner turned off the flashlight. Teodor and Albrecht walked outside. The eastern sky had turned red, but the sun had not broked over the horizon.

“Nice day,” Teodor said.

Gunner sighed. “Finally.”

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