Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What the Heck Have I Been Up to?

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Patriarch is finally ready!!
Amazon (softcover right now)
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What is it about?

Blood and secrets
Vampires survive on both.
Steopa Rodovitch has been a vampire for long enough to know that in order to survive you must keep secrets.
One secret, some of his descendants become a vampire after suffering a violent death, he has kept for almost as long as he has been undead. Someone has found out and has targeted him for elimination. He must share his past to protect his future. Even with a prophecy, old friends, and vampire hunters appearing, he will find a way.

For those of you familiar with the series: This book focuses on Steopa. More of his past comes to light, his future is prophesied. Which of course, Steopa won't believe. Blood, love, and a wildman make an appearance.

Two book signings coming up. Both in Syracuse, NY.
First one is at The Enchanted Bazaar, May 31, 2012 from 3pm to 9pm.
Second one TBA.

Expanded my creative forces and have started to make games. You have to thank my youngest for this. He came up with a solo RPG card game idea and asked me how to publish it. After some great help on Google Plus, we have everything in place to publish his game.
I started to come up with my own. Right now a card game and a board game. We are currently play testing them. I will have them up for sale in a few months, if they pass the play testing.

Well that is up with me.
If you are looking for me online. I have dropped my Twitter and Facebook (my hubby is still sort of running my main author page on Facebook), you find me mainly on G+

by Mari Miniatt

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 27

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

A few weeks later Teodor went back to Steopa's lair. He found Steopa in a large empty room, practicing his swordsmanship.

“You still practice?” Teodor asked from the door.

“It is something to do,” Steopa said swing the sword down, then he laid it on a table. “Are you still hiding from the police?”

“No, I went down and talked to them. They could not pin the murders on me,” Teodor said. “Besides Amanda, Gunner and Trucker all backed me up.

“I see.”

Teodor walked into the room. “I have something to ask you.”


“Where did you find all that loot?”

Steopa chuckled. “It was here. I think they used the vault to store personal items.”

“So is that where you have been getting that money?”

Steopa shook his head. “I have not touched anything in that vault.”

“Ah.” Teodor ran his fingers through his hair. “Did you see the house for sale outside the old loading docks?”

“What about it?” Steopa asked.

“Amanda wants to start a family. We just can't seem to save any money, you know.”

Steopa leaned against the table. “I see.”

“Why didn't you tell me about the money before?”

“Because you wanted to try to fit into human society,” Steopa said. “Do you think that having access to that amount of money would have been good?”

“It would have helped.”

Steopa shook his head. “Humans define too much of who you are by what you do. If you did not need to work, you would have drawn more attention than working.”

“I could have said I was an artist,” Teodor said.

Steopa raised his eyebrow.

“Except I can't draw.” Teodor sighed. “What about now?”

“You only have to ask, it does not belong to me.”

“Just enough to get the house, that's all. Amanda and I can work at the Pit for any other cash.”

“What about that child?”

“Trucker? He wants to live with Amanda and I.”

Steopa shook his head. “Bad idea.”

“What do you mean? He's a great kid.”

“I have heard stories of humans raised by wolves, and perhaps being raised by werewolves would not be any worse than what he has known.” Steopa faced Teodor. “But, if you start your own family, what would his feelings be?”

Teodor thought. “Werewolf children can be vicious without meaning to be.”

“I am sure there is a better solution.”

“I don't want to see him in a foster home, he ran away from the last one,” Teodor said.

“Think about it. Do what you feel is correct.”

Teodor scoffed. “Thanks.”

Steopa straightened up. “Follow me,” he said.

Teodor shrugged. He followed Steopa out of the larger room. Steopa led him back to the small vault with all the valuables.

“I did sort through all of the items,” Steopa said. “I found Amanda's packet. And I found this.”

He handed Teodor a large envelope. On the its outside were written the words “Specimen 1759”. The weight and the shape that bulged through the envelope was familiar. Teodor opened it.

The black cross had pearls and rubies inlaid. No silver, but gold and copper wire worked its way around the small crucifix. At the base of the cross were two wolves, under them was his family's name: Navarro.

“I thought I had lost this on the Bering Straight,” Teodor said.

“I never understood why you kept it,” Steopa said.

“To remind me why my family was the way they were. Father's whole life revolved around this.” Teodor rubbed his thumb over the golden wolf's head. “He still believe in this, even after the church turned against us.”

“You know my feelings.”

Navarro nodded. “Yeah.”

“But an antique, that is an impressive piece.”

Teodor scoffed. “I just can't turn away like you did.”

Steopa shrugged. “There is something else.”

He pulled out a box. This one had Amanda's name written on it. Steopa opened it. Teodor looked down.

“Would she want any of these items back?” Steopa asked.

A couple of uniforms, both her nurse and dress ones, a box of jewelry, and other personal items. Teodor placed the cross on top of the items, then closed the box.

“I'll take it back to her,” he said. He stood up with the box under his arm. “Did you find the cells?”

Steopa shook his head. “I think they should stay buried.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Steopa held out his hand. “Good luck, Teodor. I think you will make a far better father than you father did.”

Teodor shook Steopa's hand. “You will be the godfather, you know that.”

“You expect me to go to a church?”

“Will you burn up?”

“No, but I would find it hard not to laugh.”

Teodor chuckled. “Have any of your victims tried to shove a cross in you face?”

“A few.”

“What did you do?”

“Crushed them in my hands.” Steopa smiled. The points of his fangs glistened. “But more grab their guns. The old beliefs and superstitions are disappearing.”

“Maybe that's good.”

“If we had forgotten, how would have we fought the Hag?” Steopa asked. “There are reasons those stories are handed down.”

Teodor shrugged. “As long as people don't see me as a werewolf, it will make my life easier.”

“Yes, for you it would be.”

Teodor gave Steopa a hug with one arm. “Don't be a stranger,” he said. “That house is not far from here.”

“I will come over as much as I can,” Steopa said.

Teodor left the room. He walked back to one of the hidden entrances. As he left the old base, the rays from the full moon hit his face. Teodor looked around. The street was empty. He threw back his head and howled.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#WerewolfWeds The Hag - Chapter 26

Please check my #WerewolfWeds page for an overview of this. Thanks.

Amanda did not let go of Teodor for a long time. She held him so close that he had to breath through her hair.

“I need to breath,” Teodor said after a few moments.

Amanda loosened her hold on him, but still held him close. “I was so worried.”

“It's okay she's gone,” he kissed Amanda's lips.

Trucker ran out of his room and wrapped himself around Teodor's waist. “You're back!”

“So am I,” Gunner said. He walked by messing with Trucker's hair.

“Is she gone?” Trucker asked.

“This time, yes,” Teodor said.

Amanda pulled away. “I will make you some breakfast. Pancakes? Gunner?”

Gunner nodded.

“I got some beef.”

Teodor's mouth watered. “Sounds perfect.”

Amanda busied herself in the kitchen. Teodor sat down on the couch. Trucker sat down next to him. He nudged Teodor in the ribs.


“Can I stay with you?” Trucker asked.

“Well I will have to ask Amanda,” Teodor said.

“Why don't you?”

“Are you sure you want to stay with us?” Teodor asked. “You are supposed to be scared of werewolves.”

“Like the ones on the movies? They don't scare me.”

“I have a friend that is a vampire.”

“Really?” Trucker's eyes went wide. “You're kidding me.”

“Yeah, he's really big too.”

Trucker sat back on the couch. “He won't scare me.”

Gunner passed through the living room to the bath room.

“Do you know any mummies?” Trucker asked.




“You know zombies, they eat people.”

“I stay away from anyone that eats people.”


“Teodor!” Amanda called from the kitchen.

Teodor went over to her. Amanda pulled back the curtain in the kitchen. In the street in front of the Pit were four police cars.

“Are they still looking for you?” Amanda asked.

“They would-”

A loud knock on the door made Amanda jump. Teodor turned to open it.

“Don't.” Amanda whispered.

“Steopa says if we really want to fit in like humans we have to behave like them all the time, including now,” Teodor said.

He walked over to the door and opened it. Three police officers stood on the other side. Teodor studied their stances. The tall one in the back, he was the muscle. But not a dumb one. He stood back a foot from the two in the front. He had not taken a threatening pose, but could in an instant.

The dark hair one in the front, looked Teodor up and down. It wasn't hard to figure out what he was thinking. He already made the assumption that Teodor was not strong, but was fast. The dark hair officer moved to block any chance of Teodor bolting down the hall.

The last one had sandy hair. He wasn't looking at Teodor. He looked behind him. Where Amanda and Trucker stood. Teodor heard the bathroom door opened. The sandy haired one glanced over into the direction of the bathroom, then to Teodor.

“Teodor Navarro?” the dark haired one asked.

“Yes,” Teodor said.

“We have to take you down for questioning.”

“Good, I was about to go down myself,” Teodor said. He heard Amanda breath sharply. “You will not have to hand cuff me?”

“Not if you don't give us any problems,” the tall one said.

Teodor did not turn his head. “Amanda, can you get my coat?”

She came over to the door way, and held out Teodor's jacket. “Thanks Babe.”

The tall one moved aside. “Lets go,” he said.

He walked ahead of Teodor. The other two followed. They hadn't thrown cuffs on him, but it felt like he was arrested. As they walked downstairs a police dog barked.

The German shepard stood by his handlers side. He wagged his tail when he saw Teodor, but stopped when his handler looked down. They led Teodor out to one of the cruisers waiting in the street. A small crowd had gathered.

The tall and dark-haired police officers drove Teodor to the station. They didn't try to talk to him and he stayed quiet in the back.

Inside the station. Teodor was lead to a small room. They locked the door behind him, leaving him alone. So far not too bad, he thought.

The minutes ticked by. Teodor sat at the table, studying the wood grain pattern. He sighed, but resisted the urge to tap his fingers. He also did not yawn. He wanted to. His body had been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours. He needed his rest.

He glanced at the mirror in the room. He could smell the people on the other side. They were watching him. The door opened. Two officers in business suits walked in. One looked at a clipboard while he sat down. The balding one stood at the side of the table.

“Thank you for coming today,” the clipboard holder said. “I am officer Lutz and that is officer Parker. We just have a few questions.”

Teodor nodded.

“Have you ever been around the workhouse site?”

“Yes, Trucker showed it too me,” Teodor said.


“He's a street kid that latched on to me and my girlfriend.”

“Why did he show you the workhouse?”

“Because that's where he was living, with some other children.”

“A couple of nights ago, about six of those children were brutally murdered. Did you hear about that?”

“I saw.”

“You saw?”

“I made the phone call.”

“What were you doing there?”

“Trucker wanted some of his things back,” Teodor said. He never took his gaze off the officer.

The officer returned the look. “Why didn't you stay and help the children?”

“I saw a large dog approaching. I thought who ever had kill those kids was still around.”

They continued to question him for a long time. Teodor could tell they were trying to get him to change his story. They would switch the questions around and try to trick him. But Teodor had spent years having his father do the same thing, he knew all the tricks.

Then he was left alone again. He felt his exhaustion building. Either arrest me or send me home, he thought. The door opened. A young uniformed police woman held the door open for him.

“I just have some paperwork for you to sign, then you can go home,” she said.

“Thank you,” Teodor said.

He signed the paperwork and left. They didn't have evidence. Teodor knew it. His stomach growled. Teodor rubbed his stubby beard. Time to go home and spend time with Amanda, Trucker and Gunner, He thought. Then he laughed. Almost a real family.