Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes Writer's Block is a Good Thing

To tell the truth, the fourth book of the Coiree series has hit a road block. I was steaming along and suddenly couldn't write anymore.

Well, I couldn't write that story anymore. I worked on my fantasy novel posts (coming soon). I got inspired to write the beginnings of a zombie story. But for Ogden's story, nothing. I would open the page and nothing would inspire me. I knew where I wanted the story to go, but I couldn’t get the characters to move.

What happen?

It struck me a few days ago the reason I lost interest. I was bored with Ogden. In the last few books I have hinted at what he can do. And then I give him a tale that he could sleep walk through.
That's not to say there are not twists and turns, or surprises, but nothing to make the main character sweat.

That’s the important bit, keep your protagonist hoping. They should be in the dark as much as your readers will be about what is going on. That’s important to remember: YOUR ANTAGONIST IS THERE TO CHALLENGE YOUR MAIN CHARACTER. The antagonist is not there to be like Wild E Coyote, throwing obstacles in the way, that your protagonist can easily get around (unless you are making the antagonist a comic character). He or she should be like Moriarty, staying one step a head of your main character, until your main character figures out how to beat them.

You need a good antagonist or no matter how unique your main character is when you came up with them, they will seem flat without the protagonist.

Now having writers block has allowed me to rethink the antagonist. He or she wasn't a challenge. I have brained stormed a few ideas. A few I can work in with minor rewrites, a couple of ideas will require me to redo entire sections. But at the end I hope I can put Ogden up a tree and set fire to it.

Will it be worth it?

I think so. Because if I am not excited about the character, why should I expect my readers to be?

by Mari Miniatt

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