Monday, February 2, 2015

Still around.

Yes I am still around.
But why haven't I posted? In THREE YEARS
Because real life took center stage. I had to put my writing on slow (not really hold, but my output was lowered)

Basically, this is what happened;

  • I switched jobs.
  • Worked mainly overnight which screwed up my health.
  • That job was stressful, but worked at it for almost 2 years. Let go.
  • Got another job. Daylight hours, but broke my foot.
  • That job stopped when the location closed.
  • Moved.
  • New job, new career. Decided this time to find a job where it would be easier to write.
  • So far working out.
I moved from retail to becoming a baker. That's been a great move.

And my writing?
Finally getting back on track.
I did need to find a new editor. But now I have Surgeon (the last of the Coiree Guardians novel), a fantasy novel, two other novels related to the Coiree Guardians, and a rural horror novel all waiting in line to be edited. So I haven't been lazy. I didn't have the time in the last three years to stay on top of all of it.

Will I be back?
Hopefully, sooner than later.

by Mari Miniatt

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