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Zombies will always be my favorite undead people, but author Mari Miniatt has in...troduced me to a new vampire series that does not have the silly garbage found in the Twilight Saga (like glittering vampires who are actually pedophiles, if you stop to think about it). I’ve already reviewed her first book Fledgling, at THIS, and was very excited to be offered the chance to review Killer: Coiree Guardians Book Two. After reading her fabulous follow-up, I’m thinking Miniatt’s vamps will be allowed to coexist with my zombies in my personal library.

In the first of the series, we meet Beka aka Rebecka, who is turned into a vampire, and realizes that another world has existed right underneath her nose before her change. Her brother, John, works for a vampire named Vincent, and is his willing donor. The bouncer is a beserker, and one of her friends is a werewolf. Rebecka, her sire Steopa, another vampire named Odgen, and Vincent become guardians of an unusual relic called the Coiree.

While Fledgling focus on Rebecka’s personal evolution, Killer continues along the same timeline, but from Vincent’s perspective. We learn a little more about how Vincent came to be a vampire, his unusual circle of friends, and his unique abilities. He’s not nearly as slick as he appeared in Fledgling; he makes mistakes, and they nearly cost him the life of a dear friend.

In addition to Vincent’s story, readers are shown more about the werewolves that inhabit the city of the vamps. They play a critical part in fighting the new vampire in town, Nathan, who happens to be an author who writes vampire romance novels (the kind that attracts lots of women who act like idiots in public – like Twilight fans). Nathan has absolutely no respect for the boundaries and territories of his fellow vampires, and the Guardians find themselves doing major damage control. Miniatt gives us a glimpse of the other vampires in the city who are not part of Vincent’s and Rebecka’s circle of friends, when Vincent faces off with Nathan.

Fledgling was more of a mystery thriller, where Killer is more brutal and action-packed. I was expecting the series to center around Rebecka, but I love the way Miniatt continued the story of the Coiree through the eyes of another character. I have it on good authority that the next installment will feature the mysterious Steopa. Mari Miniatt has definitely made her mark among the horror community; you can find out more about the author at http://mariminiatt.com/


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Jun 03, 2010
Teresa rated it: 3 of 5 stars

Read in May, 2010
This was an interesting twist on a common topic. The ending was a little soft, but overall was good. It was easy to read and follow along with. I would have liked to have a little more "tension" between our hero and heroine. I would have liked it to be a little longer and have a little more action and explore some of the supporting characters a little more. I'm definately looking forward to the next book!!!