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Coiree Series

What is the coiree?

It is a cup. Just a gold cup found underneath a nightclub in Deerbow City. So then why do four vampire vow to protect it?

That is what the series Coiree Guardians is about:

The first book; Fledgling is about Rebecka "Beka" Saberhagen who first discovers she is living near a vampire, then becomes one. While she learns to adjust to her new life, old grudges, old mysteries, and confused college kids, make her life more interesting.

The four guardians of the coiree meet for the first time in this book, although the they do not know the full potential of the object they vow to protect. They only know they do not want the wrong person to get their hands on it.
Sample HERE

The second book: Killer is about Vincent. He is feeling a little bored with his undead life. The Rathskeller is fun, but he is missing something. An old friend, Verina, and a new vampire, Nathan, enter his life at the same time. When Nathan crosses the line, Vincent's nights become exciting. There was a time when Vincent was the best killer in Deerbow, but has he lost that touch now?

There is so much more to come.  Stay tuned.

Another vampire series? WHY?! Because this one is not like the popular stuff out now. These are vampires. They can interact with humans, they can be nice, but they are still predators. They have the old powers, glamor, mental manipulation, turning to mist or shadows, and controlling people with their voice.

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Midnight Snack

Current Works in Progress
Most of these are working titles.

Patriarch: Final round of edits.

Minstrel: Stopped with the queries. I will edit again after Patriarch

Short Story Challenge:  Writing short stores, not as the challenge.

Trolls:  Done, put aside for a bit. I plan to edit after Minstrel.

New for 2011

To simplify my life this coming year. I am getting rid of two blogs. The Coiree and Works in Progress. All posts will be imported into this blog and I will be saner.

The story Booze, Blood, and Broads might be finished some day.

Places where I have posted other works.

Flashes in the Dark: Legend Tripping

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